Buying and Selling Pre-Owned Designer Handbags and Accessories

Ever wondered where to buy and sell your designer handbags online? Whether the iconic Chanel 2.55 purse is one of your most beloved closet staples or the legendary Hermès Birkin is the most coveted item on your wish list, we can all attest to the fact that designer handbags are the ultimate must-have. From injecting a touch of effortless elegance to any look to providing a boost of confidence, designer bags of your choice also shows off your individual flair and personality. Yet as stylish as designer handbags are, they’re also known to come with hefty price tags, a luxury that not everyone can afford. Fortunately, the rise in popularity of high-end online consignment stores and luxury consignment resellers can turn your dream of owning designer bags into a reality.

What are pre-owned designer handbags and secondhand accessories?

Simply put, a pre-owned or secondhand designer item refers to any luxury piece that isn’t brand new, from that vintage Louis Vuitton bag that was handed down to you, to that Gucci cardholder that you bought years ago but have since stopped using. Unlike traditional thrift stores and garage sales that tend to have the reputation for being messy with items that you have to take the time to sift through, the pre-owned or secondhand luxury market offers a more fashion-forward and convenient way to turn unwanted designer items into profitable experiences. Alternatively, it’s a great way to get your hands on that limited-edition bag that’s sold out everywhere or to finally take the plunge on that designer handbag at a fraction of the cost.

The benefits of opting for secondhand luxury items

While the term “pre-owned” used to be associated with negative connotations of the item being of inferior quality, shopping habits and perceptions have changed over time, resulting in the loss of the stigma attached to buying secondhand designer items. Nowadays buying used items isn’t just a common practice, it’s also perceived as a fashionable and trendy way to shop. Here, we take a look at some advantages of buying used designer handbags online rather than a new one:


The focus on sustainable fashion and the growing desire for greener, eco-friendly products have definitely skyrocketed over the past years. Not only will pre-owned designer bags last you for many years, but they’re also great and responsible alternatives to fast-fashion copies that are mass-produced each year. By opting for pre-owned luxury handbags, you’re not just being kinder to the planet by reducing your carbon footprint, you’re also extending the lifespan of items that would have likely been discarded and gone to waste.


Whether you’re buying a secondhand bag as an investment piece that can eventually be passed down to a loved one or you just want to add a new accessory to this season’s wardrobe, buying a pre-owned designer bag will generally be cheaper than buying from luxury stores. Here at Label Society, we only offer 100% authentic designer handbags and accessories that show minimal use and are in great condition, so that you can still enjoy their benefits while saving up to 40-60% off their original retail prices.


Have you ever walked into a luxury store with a certain designer handbag in mind only to be told that it’s out of stock or not available in the color you wanted? Designer consignment stores and online luxury sellers will always have more styles and options for you to choose from. Not only can you find discounted handbags and accessories from old collections, but you could also luck out at finding one-of-a-kind or limited-edition pieces at accessible price points.


Gone are the days of having to meticulously sift through piles of junk and unwanted items to find the good stuff! At Label Society, we offer a well-curated assortment of some of the most sought-after designer items. Buying pre-owned designer handbags online from consignment shops and luxury resellers like us also means that you can shop from the convenience of your own home, or if you’re ever around in Austin, Texas, we have a physical store where you can browse our stylish range of designer handbags and accessories.


Coming across a great deal is similar to a fun treasure hunt. Maybe that’s finding a vintage handbag that’s taken you years to finally get your hands on, or it’s seeing a designer handbag item from previous seasons that you may have forgotten about. Whatever the outcome, when you finally find what you’re looking for with the added bonus of discounted prices, the feeling of exhilaration is like no other.

If I want to sell my designer handbags or accessories, what are my options?

If you’re interested in selling your designer handbag that’s been gathering dust at the back of your closet into an easy way to earn some money, there are a couple of options that we offer.

Sell My Handbags

By selling your used designer handbags online directly to us, you’re able to get cash quickly. All you have to do is send us high-quality photos of the item from various angles and fill out our “Sell Your Handbag” form. Once you’ve submitted the form, give us 1-2 business days to come up with a price estimate for your item, though it’s important to remember that this value could change after we thoroughly examine the product upon receiving it. We make it convenient for you to send us the item with a pre-paid shipping label, or you could also bring it to our store in Austin, Texas. After your designer items are processed and authenticated, you instantly get paid through the method of your choice: PayPal, check, or in-store credit.

Online Consignment

Consignment online with us offers you the opportunity to get the most profit for your designer item. After going through the same process of selling with us, such as uploading your high-quality images and filling out our “Consign Now” form, we offer you our best price based on the item’s retail value and the current market. Our low commission fees vary by bag style and designer and can be found on our online consignment page.

Trade-In Your HandBags

Maybe you’re looking to switch things up or you just want a style refresh by replacing your go-to designer bag with a luxury tote bag. We also give you the choice of trading in your designer bag, so that you can shop from our extensive selection ranging from pre-owned Louis Vuitton bags to secondhand Gucci accessories. The process is similar to selling and consigning with us and couldn’t be easier! Once your item is verified and processed, we will give you in-store credit plus an extra 20% off to shop with.

Tips for selling or consignment online with us

A lot of factors come into play when we determine the price of pre-owned designer handbags online. One of the most important aspects is the popularity and current demand for the product. If it’s a highly coveted piece from a renowned label such as Chanel, the price could be higher as it will appreciate in value. The same rules apply to rare designs and discontinued bag styles: if the demand is high and the supply is low, then the price will increase. For must-have bag styles from current or recent collections, we highly recommend that you sell them to us while they’re highly desirable to ensure that you get the most profit.

Another determining factor is the condition of the item. For luxury handbags, we examine everything from the interior lining to any unpleasant odors that may be emanating from it. While we clean your item before selling it, we strongly advise that you send it to us in its best overall condition. We understand that these items are used and will have some wear and tear, but it is also important to let us know beforehand about any missing parts or damaged areas. To keep your designer items in the best shape, it is best to keep them away from pollutants such as cigarette smoke and to store them inside their dust bags, away from dust and mold. It’s also a smart move to keep the original packaging and any accessories that the designer item came in, like authenticity cards and receipts, as these will contribute to its value.

Ultimately, there are definitely many benefits that come with choosing secondhand designer bags and luxury accessories, whether you’re buying, selling, or considering online consignment.

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