1. Complete the form below, include high quality photos of all angles of your item and show any signs of wear.
2. We will send you an offer via email IF we are interested in purchasing.
3. Ship your item in for verification or bring it in to our store location.
4. Once processed, payment will be delivered via check, PayPal, or store credit.



Our Buying Guidelines:

  • Only 100% Authentic Items - We only accept 100% authentic designer handbags and accessories. If you send in an inauthentic item you will be charged an authentication fee of $35 or $150 for Hermes. You are also responsible for return shipping or we will dispose of the item. If you are questioning authenticity of your item, disclose that when submitting. 
  • Items Must Be In Good Condition - We do not accept items that show major signs of wear on the interior or exterior. If we receive your item and notice there is more damage than was depicted, we reserve the right to modify our offer price or decline to purchase.
  • Strong Odors - If your designer item arrives with heavy odor from smoke, moisture, or other sources, we reserve the right to decline your item. Please disclose this information when initially submitting your item as it will affect your offer.
  • Designers We Buy - We are currently only purchasing certain high-end luxury brands, refer to designers we are selling. We are not purchasing designers such as Coach, Michael Kors, Tory Burch, Kate Spade. If you have a question about a designer, please contact us.